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GEO EXPRO is a global magazine and online publication with a strong focus on the subsurface aspects of the oil and gas industry and the energy transition. Our aim is to report on and provide context to energy-related news where geoscience plays a key role. This ranges from the traditional E&P sector, however, we cover a range of upcoming industries where geoscience is important, i.e. geothermal, CCS, natural hydrogen, and deep sea minerals.

Having had a strong presence at most of the big global geoscience industry conferences for 20 years, GEO EXPRO has built a strong brand when it comes to providing key information to the subsurface community.

Every issue of GEO EXPRO has a regional or geoscience focus, in line with the industry conferences* we are present at. This allows our advertisers to target their campaigns to the specific audience at these conferences, and it ensures maximum exposure of your advertisement, foldout, or sponsored content.

GEO EXPRO also covers relevant subsurface news from around the world, which is also reflected through our online presence on geoexpro.com and in our social media channels. All issues feature recurring sections on geothermal energy, technology developments, and deep sea minerals, to name a few. For the latest events in our schedule, please go to: www.geoexpro.com/events

Issues 2024

IssuePublication dateAd material deadline
18 March19 February
226 April8 April
37 June20 May
426 August5 August
54 October16 September
613 December25 November

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1/1 Full Page210 x 280 mm£3 130
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1/3 Third Page180 x 80 mm horizontal, 59 x 250 mm vertical£1 447
1/4 Quarter Page180 x 59 mm horizontal, 90 x 120 mm vertical£1 447
5 Page Foldout£4 917
7 Page Foldout£5 665
2/1 Page Sponsored Content£3 465
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** For an additional £ 1 883 you get an «Ad Blocker» in the online version of your sponsored content, allowing only your preferred online banner to be showcased

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