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GEO EXPRO is a global magazine and online publication with a strong focus on the subsurface aspects of the oil and gas industry and the energy transition. Our aim is to report on and provide context to energy-related news where geoscience plays a key role. This ranges from the traditional E&P sector, however, we cover a range of upcoming industries where geoscience is important, i.e. geothermal, CCS, natural hydrogen, and deep sea minerals.

Having had a strong presence at most of the big global geoscience industry conferences for 20 years, GEO EXPRO has built a strong brand when it comes to providing key information to the subsurface community.

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Images should be high-resolution JPEG, PNG or GIF-files, For custom ads, we require HTML, CSS, or any related image and code assets, Digital media can be submitted on a rolling schedule basis, but please note that we need the artwork 2 days prior to the desired upload date.


As a geoexpro.com sponsor we feature your company logo and URL prominently on our homepage. Sponsors support the work of our journalists. An introductory discount is available to advertisers new to GEO EXPRO. Please contact our Sales Director, Pia Himberg, pia@salgsfabrikken.no for special rates offered on a combination of print and digital advertising.

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In order to facilitate a simple and efficient process for the creation and implementation of advertising, we offer a flexible approach to helping you create your ad. The recommended workflow is to get in touch direct with Pia Himberg, to discuss the requirements of the ad you want to show. We will then advise on the many options we have to offer to accommodate your marketing needs.

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Promote your datasets, services, technology and/or expertise via our exclusive online sponsored content on geoexpro.com An exclusive online article gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and services with your own banner adverts, company logo, contact information, and links to your social media platforms. Please contact us for more information. Included in sponsored content, but not limited to: 2 x ad banner spaces (top & base of the article).



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